Meet the Squads

Each squad consists of three experts with their own unique history together and thus established, efficient collaboration.

Each squad works with only one partner company at a time, fully immersing into the challenge and committing all of its time to the project at hand.



🆕  Gold Squad

Three enthusiastic tech geeks whose paths crossed 5+ years ago in various startups, world of warcraft guilds and discord channels - ready to manifest your digital vision.

Sami, Jan & Hilmar have been collaborating on software projects for more than 5 years. This highly diverse trio is connected by their love for software, gaming and responding to text messages with a GIF.

Their professional journeys have led them to contribute in open-source development, e-commerce, IoT, mobile development, proptech and fintech - in startups, grownups and mature companies. With its highly diverse skillset, the Gold Squad is the ideal accelerator to add to your organisation to bring technology, product development and performance marketing to the next level.

The Gold Squad is your perfect partner if you are looking for a fun & balanced mix of software engineering and product development to add to your organisation.

Portrait Sami Hamed

Sami - Engineering Lead & Digital Product Developer

Gold Squad Leader - An accelerator for product management, communication and software development.

Sami is an experienced Product Manager, Engineering Manager and Software Developer. His focus is on developing great functional user experiences for B2C and B2B customers alike. His understanding of product & software development, bundled with his communicative skills will make him an important interface in your organisation from day one.

#UX #business #leadership #product

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Portrait Jan Krumrein

Jan - UI Developer & Frontend Engineer

Jan is a passionate full-stack developer with a focus on the details. His experience in creating scalable frontend systems have left a lasting impact in every organisation he contributed to.

Jan is analytical, focused, and knows when to add his expertise to whatever project he comes across.

#UI #frontend #details #QA

Portrait Hilmar Wiegand

Hilmar - Full-Stack Architect & Tech Innovator

Hilmar - a principal-level engineer for everything from web development, infrastructure and mobile apps.

He has continuously proven to be a fantastic technological lead who challenges ideas while bringing excitement into product and software development.

#innovation #deeptech #backend #infrastructure

Red Squad

A team of three childhood friends who have been collaboratively writing software for 10+ years in hospitality, proptech and fintech - always up for an adventure.

Leon, Mischa & Hannes have been professionally collaborating on tech projects in various startups. This squad has built global B2B booking platforms for serviced apartments, implemented revolutionary digital B2C landscapes in the co-living sector and shipped innovative system tools for clients on the edge of real estate and fintech.

The red squad is your ideal partner to implement highly scalable solutions and optimise your internal IT systems. With a great understanding of strategical leadership, highly stable system architecture and user-friendly interfaces, these experts will improve performance & development speed in every organisation they join.

Portrait Leon Strauss

Leon - Startup CTO & Product Technologist

Red Squad Leader - An experienced tech manager and business partner to bring your technology, products and teams forward.

Leon has taken over the role of CTO at multiple startups empowering the strategic leads with his unique talent in understanding and improving upon the founders’ vision.

#leadership #strategy #product #growth

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Portrait Hannes Güdelhöfer

Hannes - Full-Stack Engineer & IoT Enthusiast

Hannes’ prototyping skills are only overshadowed by curiosity of building cutting-edge software tools. He is the guy who spends a weekend hacking together a prototype for your idea which turns out to become your most profitable product.

#prototyping #frontend #automation

Portrait Mischa Holz

Mischa - Software Architect & Integration Specialist

With his incredibly process-oriented mindset, Mischa is a valuable addition to your technology team. He is an expert at building highly scalable system architectures and optimising processes for internal users, B2B and B2C customers alike.

#innovation #backend #scalability