Making your tech vision become reality - that's our mission

With our expertise in technology, business and product development, our goal is to become a deeply nested tech accelerator within your organisation - making your vision become reality.

Much, much more than full-stack.

We provide you with an Opencreek Squad a full plug-in team of three highly skilled experts, covering all skills needed to run a technology department or project from scratch, from strategy and product management to system architecture and implementation.

All focused on just you for 6 to 24 months.

Each Squad consists of three domain experts.

Diverse skills & agile processes

Bundled together, the skills of each Squad’s three domain experts provide you with an extensive set of talent to bring your vision forward. You get the whole package - always full-time - just like the team members you’d hire as FTEs.

MVP development

Our Squads are experts at turning your vision into minimum viable products. With our agile methods, we quickly adapt to changing requirements to help your organisation build the right product fast.

Product Management

We help you improve work along the entire product lifecycle - from product discovery to ideation, introduction and maintenance. By establishing product management methodologies, we change how you innovate for the better.

Software Development

Software architecture, code reviews, system integrations and continuous delivery are the main pillars of our work in software. We provide you with scalable and sustainable systems following best practices.

Tech growth & hiring

Let us help you build or grow your own tech team. Our Squads consist of leading software enthusiasts with a history of hiring and managing other technologists.

Digital scalability

Technology is an accelerator for your organisation’s growth. We provide you with highly scalable software solutions and processes to empower you on your mission growing your business.

UX research & Analytics

Developing the right product only works with the sufficient data at hand. Our Squads provide you with the knowledge to collect customer data, helping you to make better decisions.

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How it works -
3 steps to bring your vision to life

To get started fast and continuously ship updates that add value for your customers and users, we follow a proven agile approach to software development. This process which spans up to 24 months can be described in three simple steps - from kickstart to handover.

Our guarantees for a long-term partnership

A trustworthy business relationship goes both ways. These guarantees are for you and us to ensure that your product development and our work can continue seamlessly.

Your vision is clear, but what now?

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